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Winter Carnival Of Magic
March 7-9, 2019
Pigeon Forge, TN
One of the best conventions around in terms of talent and organization. This is hosted each year by the IBM Ring out of Knoxville TN and a lot of my magical friends are there every year. Plus its not too far from where I live. 

This year, I plan to enter my first ever competition. It will be something very classic, but with a very modern and amazing twist...maybe I will post a video afterward.


Jabez S Hardin Performing Arts Center

for Augusta Amusements

March 15, 2019 - (7:00pm)

Evans, Ga (Augusta area)

Opening for the amazing "Todd Oliver & Friends" with his amazing talking dogs. YES, real dogs that talk and you will not believe what they have to say! Also, music and other puppets complete his show.

(Click here for press release and tickets)

This is going to be a fun-fill evening with a great headliner and That Magic Kid doing some larger stage illusions!

Tickets on sale now $29.50 Adults - $19.50 Under 15

Available Online or call 706-726-0366

Get yours now as it looks like it will be a sold out show!


Lanti Music

323 Unionville Indian Trail Rd, Suite E
Indian Trail, NC 28079

​March 24, 2019 - 2:00pm

Opening for one of the most creative and innovative magician's anywhere!  Mario the Maker Magician!

Mario has been proclaimed by David Blaine as "The best kids magician in the world!!" , which is why he chose Mario to open for him on his recent large venue tours across the country. 

I have known Mario for 4 year sand he still amazes me with his energetic show.  A show filled with robots he has created using the Arduino platform (STEM), 3D printing and a lot of imagination!

This show will be a dream come true for me, as I have become frineds with Mario and his family at a number of conferences and I am happy to be invited to share his stage for this afternoon of fun!

Lanti Music, is an intimate venue for about 100 patrons, so reserve your tickets soon for this popular magic Duo!

Tickets $10 (kids) and $15 (adults)

Get tickets by clicking this link!

International Brotherhood Of Magicians Convention
July 10-13, 2019 
Scottsdale, AZ
Annual convention of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians, a literal "Who's Who" of magicians getting together to share magic and discuss our craft. Also a great place to learn about and purchase all the new props and inventions!
"Eastern North Carolina Magic Show" (TBA)

Details to be announced later
May 1st
 & 2nd, 2020 - (Evening Show)

Stay tuned, this will be a fantastic PUBLIC show you will not want to miss. Yes, it is over a year out in planning but wanted to let you know where and when I will be in your area!!!

For the TBD and TBA shows above, I have not yet been given the ok to publish any specifics until a little closer to the event, for ticketed shows and I will post details, links and prices as soon as I am given the ok!

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​​​I am so excited my book of magic is available now at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and BooksAMillion.com as well as at any of my live shows! The book contains a lot of magic you can learn and perform yourself  with everyday objects like: rubber bands, pencils, money, paper and balloons.  It features a short biography on how I got my start performing as well as several photos with some of my good friends.  There's something for everyone ages 8 thru 108!
I hope you will like it!
- Colin 


Stay Tuned....

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In 2018 I presented a new Halloween Themed routine I call "BOO!" at a magician's conference in Tennessee,  after the performance I explained the thoughts behind the routine and how I created the props. It was a little scary for me since the audience was made up primarily of magicians (many who I have known and respected for years!).  Over the summer I attended a few Magic Conferences and  had my first official visit to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California!  It was an awesome experience that I hope to repeat again sometime.  So many great magicians have passed through those doors and hallways, you can almost feel the history there! 

My dad and I have been building new props and working on routines.  However, I only post confirmed and contracted dates on this page.  At any given time we may be working to book 3 or 4 shows, so keep checking back!  I try and post new shows and things I am working on regularly on my Facebook and often posts photos and videos there. The link below will help you find "That Magic Kid" on Facebook, please like the page to keep up with the latest!

One of my custom original routines, "Hiking trip in A Box" I created just for Scouting, was published in "Linking Ring" a major international magic magazine recently.  I shared it with the magic community so that others could benefit from this wonderful routine and customized props for Scouting Groups in their regions.  I actually had another routine published in the same issue.  Pretty exciting as this was the first time I had a routine (much less 2 routines) and illusion published.

Thanks to some really great people in magic (some of which have remained anonymous to me) I have added about 50 thousand dollars of new large illusions to my inventory...while also filling up my parents garage (sorry mom and dad)!

Come out and see one of my larger shows and you may get to see some of these special illusions.  A few of them have magical histories from other classic shows of the past. Including "Le Grand David" the Guinness Book Record holder for longest running magic show, as well as a few props from the shows of some of my mentors and friends.

Thanks to everyone who believes in That Magic Kid!

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Colin's interest in magic came at a very young age. His first show was at the invitation of his Cub Scout Master at age 6 after Colin shared a few illusions with his Den.  Since that time, Colin has performed in a variety of places and added many more tricks and illusions to his resume.

Audiences young and old have been amazed with his illusions at events ranging from birthday and block parties, restaurants and meetings to even performing on Cruise Ships and the Las Vegas Strip!  Colin loves to interject humor with his "mystery" for a combination that leaves everyone wanting more.  Not only does Colin enjoy creating new effects or re-mastering old favorites, he also enjoys watching, meeting and learning from other magicians. 

Colin launched his own  Magic Set, exclusively available at this website as well as in person at his appearances.  The illusions included are a selection of favorites he has performed throughout the years.  The sets are great for kids as young as 6, and have enough routines to learn and enjoy through adult ages.

Colin has been elected into The Society Of American Magicians, The International Magicians Society as well as The International Brotherhood of Magicians .  Colin is also a member of KIDabra  (The Association of KIDshow and Family Performers).