Colin has had the opportunity to see and meet many great magicians.  Click on the highlighted names to learn more!

David Copperfield - Colin has enjoyed watching YouTube videos of David’s 17+ years of television performances.  Among the favorites is David’s Tornado of fire and an illusion of being cut in half by a laser and then his torso grabbing his legs as he walks and hops down to the front of the stage before re-arranging himself back to normal. On August 4th, 2013, Colin got to see David's show at the MGM Grand and afterward got to meet and chat with David in person.  Ever get to meet your childhood idol?  Colin did and it was "Awesome"!

Jeff Civillico - while not a magician per se' Jeff has a special place in That Magic Kid's life and is a great entertainer!  When Colin was 4 years old he took a Disney Cruise which is where he first met  Jeff. He stayed in touch with Jeff for 4+ years and when Jeff found out Colin was coming to Vegas, extended an offer for Colin to perform on his stage. On August 3rd, 2013,  Colin opened Jeff's show "Comedy In Action" at the Quad resort & Casino (now The Linq). We will forever remember this most kind offer and experience.  If you are in Las Vegas, please look up Jeff and see his show.  Jeff is currently at the Flamingo Resort and has a weekly entertainment TV show named, "Las Vegas Good News" airing weekly in the Las Vegas area (and hopefully soon to be broadcast to larger regions).   Jeff also tours the country giving motivational and corporate speeches. If you have a meeting or conference check out what Jeff has to offer to help you grown your business.

Terry Evanswood - (w/Mike, Jessica, Jessie and Natasha)-   has a nightly show at Wonderwork in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and has been in Pigeon Forge for 20 years. A few days before Colin’s first performance in front of his Cub Scout Pack, Terry shared with Colin that his first show was also for his Scout pack after his dad had taken him to see Harry Blackstone. His words of encouragement were greatly appreciated and Colin feels a kinship to his fellow Magical Scouting friend. Terry has become a dear friend to Colin and has offered alot of support in over the years. 

Kyle & Mistie Knight - This dynamic husband and wife magic duo performs all over the world! They are a popular and reoccurring fixture on Disney Cruise Line as well as performing at Franz Hirary's House of Magic in China and Hollywood's Magic Castle.  They also perform a great deal in their home city of Las Vegas.  Colin received a DVD of the Knight's magic show from a great family friend, it was personalized and Colin loved it.  Later, he saw Kyle and Mistie on such shows as Wizard Wars and Penn & Teller's Fool Us!  Then on March 4th, 2016 he got to see their show in person and it featured illusions  he had never seen before! Afterward he got a chance to meet them in person.  Such a nice and talented couple of magicians, catch them if you can!

John Hirokawa - has a fast paced show, “Magic Of Polynesia” located in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.  His nightly show in Honolulu is in high demand and a “must see” attraction!  Colin was fortunate to sit front row/center for all the magic a few years back.  John is a great entertainer and offers a bit of “Hawaiian flare” to all his illusions.

Jason Bishop - (w/Kim Hess) this magical duo spends many months both on the road and at sea.  Their non-stop touring has earned them kudos as one of the largest touring magic and illusion shows in the United States.  Colin got to see Jason first perform aboard Disney’s newest cruise ship the Fantasy.  Thanks to a few members of the crew who saw some of Colin’s smaller tricks, they organized a private meet and greet before Jason’s second evening performance. Colin shared his quarter under glass trick with Jason as well as signing Jason’s metamorphosis trunk. Colin uses a “money printer” illusion that he got from Jason as one segment of a bit in his current magic show. Jason also was the first person to call Colin, “That Magic Kid”.

The Wagsters- (Brandon and Hannah Lynne Wagster) based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you are liable to see this couple performing in numerous places along the Grand Strand.  They currently are performing at The Carolina Opry as part of the Thunder & Light show starring All That!  Colin first saw the Wagster's show at a special gathering of magicians at Ocean lakes Campground.  Afterward Colin got a chance to meet and talk with Brandon and Hannah who encouraged Colin to continue practicing daily in order to build his skills.  Colin has something in common with Brandon as they both began their love of magic at age 6.  In March 2016, Colin will be appearing at the Ocean's Lakes Spring Break show and sharing the stage with Brandon who will be the Master Of Ceremonies. 

Peter Gossamer - (w/Carol Maccri-Gossamer) Colin got to see Peter perform during his summers in Myrtle Beach at the Palace Theater. Peter's show features many grand scale illusions combing dance, music and theater.  Peter is an innovator in the magic world creating a patented levitation device which is use by magicians around the world. He is a highly sought after magician with many successful years entertaining both on land and sea.

Adam Trent –  Colin met Adam at The Illusionists show in Charlotte, NC. He quickly became friends with Adam and has attended a number of Adam’s solo shows as well as performances with The Illusionists. Adam has been a great supporter of Colin.  Colin’s favorite illusions of Adam’s is his “Split Personality” it is among the most amazing illusions to be seen anywhere! Adam’s friendly and humorous style combined is similar to the character Colin likes to portray in his own shows.

Dan Sperry – Colin met Dan for the first time via a Live webcast.  Colin shared a dream about swimming in apple sauce with Dan and has forever become nicknamed as “Apple Sauce” to Dan. Colin first met Dan when he appeared in Charlotte with The Illusionists.  Dan’s gothlike style and handling of his beloved birds is something to behold.  While he appears to be a little weird and scary, Dan is a master of his art and wins over audiences every night. Colin loves keeping up with Dan during his weekly webcasts which are informative and funny.

The Illusionists – Colin has been fortunate to catch a few performances of this wonderful show which features 6 to 7 world class magicians in every performance. This show frequently tours the country and also calls Broadway in New York several months each year.  Colin would one day love to be a art of this fabulous “MUST SEE” show.

Danny Orleans & Jan Rose - This couple perform all over the country specializing in both kids magic and corporate promotion.  Colin has seen them perform at conventions such as Kidabra and The Winter Carnival of Magic.  As a husband and wife team they perform some amazing mentalist routines as well as stage and close up routines.  They also offer some very cool products on their website for magicians.

Ron Conley – Ron is a legend in the magic world having performed for many years in the Myrtle Beach area and around the country as well as developed many illusions.  Ron ran a successful Magic Shop at Barefoot Landing for many decades.  Surprisingly Colin had been performing many of Ron’s illusions a didn’t realize it until he saw them in the shop one day.  Favorites like Crummy Cookie, Razzle Dazzle and the Funny Money Box are sure hits for audiences everywhere.

Jim Lee – Jim has been a staple of the Myrtle Beach magic scene for many years. Jim is very encouraging of Colin and his pursuit of magic and has shared many great tricks over the years.  Jim also has given Colin great deals on many of his retired props.  Colin loves performing with vintage props and putting his own spin on these classics. Jim has become a very big fan of That Magic Kid.

Recommended Magic Shops

Colin loves shopping for new magic props and gimmicks or chatting with folks who love magic as much as he does. While a number of Colin's props are customized or built by he and his dad. He does buy new tricks, gags and gimmicks from time to time off the internet or at Magic Specialty shops.  Here's a list of shops he likes to visit. Some of  these shops cater to magician's only while others are located in more touristy areas and feature an assortment of novelty items as well as real magic for magicians.  However all of them have excellent staff that are there to help you with your questions, needs or just to show you the latest and greatest effect!

Broadway Magic - Myrtle Beach, SC - This magic shop is owned by our friend and magician David Tanner, who has lived and performed on the South Carolina Grand Strand for years. It's located in the busy "Broadway At The Beach" shopping area. David and his staff will take the time to demonstrate the illusions and offer help on creating the best way to present your new trick. David co-owns the successful TrickMaster line of magic and their Float FX levitation is not to be missed. They also sell a number of props designed by Ron Conley and Jim Lee, that the Magic Kid has used for years.  Stop by and tell them you saw them mentioned by "That Magic Kid". Also look for Colin's picture while in the shop.

TrickMaster Magic Shop - North Myrtle Beach, SC - This shop opened in early 2014 at Barefoot landing after Ron Conley decided to retire from shop ownership after 30+ years in his location at the landing.  TrickMaster, is the sister shop to Broadway Magic (see above) and is co-owned by Roman LePree and David Tanner. Believe it or not, That Magic Kid was the very first customer to this shop!  If you are in the North Myrtle Beach area, be sure to stop by the shop (they currently have the largest collection of  Magic Kid promo shots on their walls).  While we miss "Conley's House Of Magic" at Barefoot Landing, we welcome this new arrival that is keeping the spirit of putting magic into people hands, alive! Also check out the many great items on the TRICKMASTER site!

Barry Mitchell Products - Barry is an innovator when it comes to magic. His props work well for audiences of every size and he offers great assistance in the performance of his items as well as most of them coming with awesome background music. Items such as Smilemaker, Mother of All Diamonds, Buck Filler and his innovative Pole Control have found their way into many of Colin's performances and routines.  Barry is a serious magic inventor but loves to interject humor into his work at all times.  He takes personal care of every customer and as such, he only sells his products through his own website and has never made his products available to shops or other websites.  That's his personal guarantee that you will not only love the products you get, but you will love performing them.  Colin finds that he can incorporate many stories into the props he gets form Barry.  All of them carry a special positive message that you can share with your audience for a memorable performance.

Make It Magic  - Gatlinburg, TN.  Our friend Terry Evanswood mentioned this shop to us one evening while we were visiting Tennessee.  The next day we set out on a venture in the artists district of Gatlinburg (Glades RD) and found this really neat looking log cabin with a gentle stream in front of it.  Inside was a very awesome magic shop with beginner magic as well as professional stage props. The folks here are not only resellers but performing magicians and clowns themself.  They have some great ideas and prices you can't beat (even online).

Doc's Magic Shop - Doc's has 2 locations (1 in Gatlinburg, TN in Baskin Square and 1 in Pigeon Forge, TN at the Island) plus an awesome online site.  Doc's assisted Colin with a number of his earlier illusions and still supplies him with fresh material each visit. Recently, Colin picked up a number of new table illusions that he can perform at dinner functions, resturants or smaller settings. Colin's picture has been placed on Doc's Wall Of Fame in their main store right on the Parkway in Gatlinburg.  If you get a chance to stop by and see Colin's picture, tell them "That Magic Kid" sent you! Doc, one of his sons or their staff (John, Knox or Travis), can help you not only find the perfect trick or gag, but show you how to operate it and give useful tips for performance.

Daytona Magic - Daytona Magic has a number of awesome props available that are high quality and can endure the stress of a performing magician.  Harry Allen will take care of your magic needs personally, and stands behind every product he sells!  Colin recently purchased several high quality props during the Winter Carnival Of Magic in Pigeon Forge TN.  They will soon be entering the rotation in his regular performances.

Magic Backdrops - Our friend Jeff Jones has some excellent backdrops for performers of all kinds.  They literally set up in a matter of seconds and can be taken down quickly after the show as well.  Jeff also is a supplier of other magic items including finger lights, mouth coils, "snow" and streamers. 

Emerald City Ministries - Gatlinburg, TN  - Is a sister shop to Doc's (see above) but an entirely different kind of magic shop.  Emerald City has over 100 affordable pieces of magic that can be used in youth groups, churchs and Bible schools to inspire the minds of young ond old with Chirstian themes and MAGIC! With the assistance of Joe Vagott (formerly of a popular theme park magic shop in the area), many old staples of magic have been repurposed to tell the stories of the Bible, his wonderful scripts give new life to popular magic devices.  They also offer complete VBS planning guides and assistance for getting your own Magic Ministry.  They also are involved in the local community and have a diaper drive to assist those families with little ones who need a little extra help.  If you come to Gatlinburg, please consider stopping by your local store, and pickup a package  of disposable diapers and drop them off, tell them you heard about them from That Magic Kid!

Denny & Lee Magic Studio - A fellow magician mentioned to Colin that there was a "must see" magic shop in Las Vegas (as well as Baltimore MD). He stopped by and was amazed at the illusions to be found!  The great folks in the shop (all magicians themself) assited with several new illusions and a most awesome upgraded change bag.  The prices were fabulous and Colin even recieved a free magical gift. This place is more like a laboratory for magicians than a retail store and a bit off the beaten path.  Magicians come here to chat, show -off and learn form each other.

Houdini's Magic Las Vegas - with several stores in the various Casino shopping areas of Vegas, these stores have alot of walk-in traffic.  As such they do sell quite a bit of novelty items as a staple.  However the staff here is very knowledgable and take the time (like most magic shops) to teach the tricks they sell so that folks can walk out the door and do the tricks.  If you take the time and chat with the staff they can set you up with the perfect illusion and advise on tips for presentation.